Real Time Rendering (RTR)​

It is a concept of delivering a gamified rendered walk-through experience for the client by making them virtually interact with their future home. They can change, replace furniture, colors of the walls, floor etc., in their home and find an instant 4K rendered Image and Video for them at free of cost for infinite number of times at anytime and anyplace.

How REALIZE 360 helps developers?

Real estate developers often find to difficult to provide answers to all doubts and queries of their customers, with conventionally available predefined renders and walk-through videos.

Realize 360 offers a interactive & immersive 3D walk-through experience, enabling real estate customers to explore & find out all options available with the property. 


Provide Wow Experiences

Holistic Solutions

High Return On Investment

  • Take floor plans to the next level
  • Powerfully convey more and better information through remarkable experiences
  • Engage customers and let them explore your project fully
  • Cross-Platform: Web & Native Applications (Mobile, Tablet, PC, Touch Tables, VR & AR)
  • Our technology enables more content creation from the same data
  • We provide more content for use across more Channels
  • Sell more, earlier & faster (launch projects earlier with higher sales velocity)
  • Reduce marketing brochure costs
  • Low marginal cost on top of existing budgets

With McZone you can...

Provide Engaging Web Experiences

  • Increase engagement with a experience your audience will love
  • Capture lead data and sync with existing CRM & Marketing Automation software
  • Find distances & commute times to landmarks and other locations

Explore Layouts

  • Customers can truly understand a layout with videogame-like control
  • Transport & distribute virtual show homes anywhere in the world
  • Build multiple virtual show homes

Change The Interior

  • Show different themes for the same layout
  • Bespoke furniture & finishes of your actual interior options
  • Make furniture visualization easy

See The Actual Views

  • Bring your project to life with the Actual views
  • Helps remove one of your customers’ significant concerns
  • Impress & engage your customers

Explore Elevations

  • Customers can truly understand the environment with touch control
  • Provide interactive information buttons
  • Transport & distribute virtual models anywhere in the world

Provide Better Renders (360° & 3D Renders)

  • High Quality Renders taken to the next level
  • Truly showcase a layout type with a 360° Render for each room
  • Incorporate 360° Renders on your website & on other platforms

Why RTR for your business?

It breaks the age-old traditional approach to product visualization by making the customer engage with your products by a gamified walkthrough experience. It gives you a prestige of owning your own application on windows, apple and android that serves all your marketing needs.

Why buy from McZone?

We have a custom design module that is especially designed for Real Estate. This module makes the product agile to match the customer requirements at a short span and most importantly, at just half of the product cost of the traditional rendering companies. This module is designed with a perspective to psychology of the home buyers for a feel-good experience when they come across it.

Why buy now?

As this is a highly competitive market trend, consumers are getting smart at comparing products. Our product visualization can help customers to learn and be influenced faster to make the choice of buying your product at that very instant as it answers all their objections.

Take your marketing budget further & provide better 'Off-plan' experiences

See how McZone can power your next real estate project or ideas marketing